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Why Choose EXL as Your Next Logistics Partner

EXL Ship Faster

We don't just manage inventory, we help our clients lower their inventory costs. EXL flat out offers a better value in supply chain services.

EXL Personalized Service

Every customer is our best customer! When you call in, you will speak directly with our President, Tom Pauszek or the Director of Operations to understand and plan a cost effective solutions for your business’s needs.

EXL Experienced Teamwork

EXL is proud to have a very low turnover of employees that average 8 years of service. This allow EXL to deliver the highest level of professional experience in the industry.

EXL Cutting Edge

The value we place on utilizing progressive technology and software has led us to invest in a comprehensive platform that provides centralized integration and management of our clients' logistics and supply chain needs.

EXL Satisfied Customers

Over the past 15 years, we have developed a number of long-term supply chain relationships with customers who value our unique services.


Our management team has the front line supply chain expertise to provide our clients with solutions that only come from directly managing a broad spectrum of small, mid-sized, and large supply chain companies and systems.

How Can an EXL
Third Party Logistic Partner
Impact Your Business?

In this fast-paced, ever-changing, international marketplace,
manufacturers and distributors alike are realizing that logistics suppliers are key to reaching higher levels of service and performance.

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At Exchange Logistics, we go much further.

With over two decades of experience, EXL has honed the business of third party logistics or 3PL. We also understand the basics of tracking orders and shipments, managing inbound freight and inventory management.  

3PL should be about satisfied customers, not just moving and counting boxes.  Satisfying our clients means we watch out for our client’s customers.  Is a box or crate damaged?  If it is, we don’t just pretend we didn’t see it, we take action.

Execution is Everything is more than just a tag line to us – it’s the backbone of our business.
Our hands-on approach to third party logistic services begins with a strategic assessment of our clients’ business needs and culminates in providing them with supply chain solutions and outstanding logistics services performance.

We combine our vast operational expertise with an industry leading technology platform to seamlessly integrate with our clients’ operations and provide a variety of standard and customized outsourced logistics services.


  • Third Party Logistic (3PL) Services
  • Contract and Public Warehousing
  • Transportation Management
  • Centralized Order Management
  • Import Transaction Management
  • Vendor Managed Inventory

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