Giving Back

Giving back to our Community

We’ve all heard the adage “think globally, act locally”. We at DRI have taken this thought to heart, and 14 years ago adopted a Dallas-based Charity named Operation Care International. They initially supported and lifted up the homeless population in Dallas-Ft. Worth and then grew to support poor families in DFW, and then branched out to build schools for young children in impoverished countries around the globe.

Unlike some national non-profits that have large professional staff earning significantly bloated salaries and overhead that diminishes the donations bestowed upon them. Operation Care Int’l. is almost entirely run by volunteers with only a couple part-time staffers earning very modest wages. The founder and full-time leader of the group does not take any compensation from the non-profit. This allows nearly 100% of donations and gifts to the organization to go to the disadvantaged people it serves. Operation care’s flat organization and focus on volunteerism has given it’s mission a strong vitality and dedication to its’ causes. The ever-growing list of volunteers brings fresh enthusiasm and idea’s and spreads the importance of lifting the homeless and poor throughout the community and provides a tangible way for anyone in our community to support and help this worthwhile mission with their time and effort, a contribution far more rewarding than writing check and forgetting about it 30 minutes later.

For 2020, Operation Care int’l. is working to replicate its mission and model in a number of other large cities in the U.S. Various groups and volunteers in other cities have approached Operation Care with a desire to support and lift up the homeless in their communities. So Operation Care has scripted a model/text book explaining how they can replicate the structure and mission and path to succeeding across the country. Spreading even further the involvement of what will be tens of thousands of volunteer citizens who want to help the under privileged in their communities….

Think globally, act locally!