Are you new to Outsourcing your Supply Chain Logistics?

Please watch the following video to get the full picture of how Third Party Logistics (3PL) and specifically Exchange Logistics can SAVE YOU MONEY and IMPROVE your customer relationships.

Dissatisfied with your current 3PL partner?

Working with the big guys may often provide you with economies of scale, but the drawbacks may not be desirable. DRI takes pride in our personal relationships with our clients. When you call in to DRI you always get a human and speak with the President or Director of Operations.

Very Low employee turnoverTagalong Golf Club

Average tenure is 8 years. Our employees learn your business and watch out for your interests.

Cost Savings

We don’t just manage inventory, we help our clients lower their inventory costs. DRI flat out offers a better value in supply chain services.

Satisfied Customers

Over the past 30 years, we have developed a number of long-term supply chain relationships with customers who value our unique services.

Personalized Service

We are not in the business of cookie cutter solutions. We are here to provide both standard and customized services to each customer on an individual basis. We take every part of our clients supply chain into consideration before providing them with creative and cost effective supply chain solutions.

Cutting Edge Logistics Software and Technology

The value we place on utilizing progressive technology and software has led us to invest in a comprehensive platform that provides centralized integration and management of our clients’ logistics and supply chain needs.